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Role of main sound, return sound and monitor sound

Role of the Lord to listen to sound is to play the sound to the audience and give the audience sufficient sound pressure to provide the audience with the true, clear, full and undistorted sound.

The main speaker should have high power, wide frequency band, and high sound pressure level. In order to effectively control the radiation of sound waves, high-frequency speakers are selected for horn loudspeakers with strong directivity, and some mid-range speakers for outdoor sound reinforcement also use horns. There are two main types of main speaker systems: one is a full-band speaker for a small-sized sound reinforcement system, which consists of horn-type treble and mid-bass cone speakers, and a high-, mid-, and low-multiple speaker system. The other form is a sound reinforcement system composed of speakers made independently of each frequency band, using an electronic crossover network to individually amplify each frequency band, and some speakers and independent subwoofers that make treble and mid-woofer speakers into one. Speaker combination.

The return audio system is mainly used by actors or band members to monitor their own singing and playing sound effects. Since most of the actors and band members perform on the stage, and the main speakers are located on both sides of the stage, facing the audience, it is difficult to hear the effects of the performance on the stage. If the speakers are not returned, it is difficult for actors and players to find the feeling. Can not match the performance of the entire show, seriously affect the performance of the performance.

The monitor audio is generally set in the audio control room and recording studio and is used by the sound engineer to monitor the real effects of the program. The performance requirements of monitor speakers are very high. They should have small distortion, wide frequency response, flat characteristic curve, no modification to the sound signal, and can truly reflect the performance characteristics of the program. Monitor sound is the standard for tuning by the tuner. It can monitor the various channels and effects on the mixer separately. Through monitoring, the input level of each channel can be adjusted to distribute the sound pressure between channels. , Trimming the funds between the channels to achieve the perfect sound and the successful performance of the entire program.

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